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Skin Care for Swimmers: Everything you wanted to know about getting chlorine off of your body.

swimmer skin care

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures anti-chlorine products for swimmers’ hair and skin. Click here to see our entire product line, or our buyer’s guide.

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What is a good soap to remove chlorine from your skin?

Look for soaps that have two qualities:

  1. They are made for swimmers and have chlorine removing ingredients in them.
  2. Moisturizing. A good soap will have a high content of glycerin which will moisturize your skin.

Chlorine is drying and you need to get it off after swimming. Find a soap that both neutralizes chlorine and moisturizes your skin. This is the best possible combination. See our bar soaps here.

What’s a good face wash for swimmers?

The most gentle and moisturizing products make for a good face wash. If you like to use soap, our handmade soaps are terrific. If you prefer a liquid soap, try our protect shower gel.

Why is it important to get rid of all the chlorine off the skin after swimming?

Chlorine is drying and damaging to your skin. The health benefits of chlorinated swimming pools are undisputed, however leaving chlorine on your skin after swimming is irritating. For people with sensitive skin, this residual chlorine can cause itchy skin, or a rash (commonly called “chlorine rash”).

How to remove the smell of chlorine from skin?

The smell of chlorine on your skin, is actually residual chlorine left on your skin after swimming. You need to remove the chlorine in order to remove the smell. This is harder than it seems because chlorine has a tenacious way of sticking around. Use a product that is made to remove chlorine like our body wash for swimmers.

What’s the best chlorine neutralizing soap?

Look for soap that is made with special ingredients to neutralize chlorine. Both our bar soaps and shower gels are made to remove chlorine after swimming. It really comes down to a preference between soap and shower gel. We find taking shower gel to the pool is easiest and using soap between swims at home is the most convenient solution.

How do you not smell like chlorine after swimming?

Smelling like chlorine long after swimming is proof that there is still chlorine on your body. In order to stop smelling like chlorine, you have to get the chlorine off after swimming. Use products like anti-chlorine shower gel to get the chlorine off after swimming.

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Smells Like Chlorine on Twitter

smells like chlorine on twitter

The familiar smell of chlorine at the pool brings back strong memories for many. Smelling like the pool? A completely different story.

Here are some tweets that will shed some light on what people think about the smell of chlorine.

Our work is not done here.
You can now take one of your criteria of the list. Our new slogan: Making more relationships.
Where should we begin? Maybe here?
Very cool, now just leave the smell  at the pool.

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Body Wash After Swimming, What Elite Swimmers Use

body wash after swimming

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures body wash for swimmers and other anti-chlorine products for swimmers’ hair and skin. Click here to see our entire product line, or our buyer’s guide.

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Have you ever wondered how elite swimmers put up with the chlorine day in and day out? They use a specialized body wash after swimming.

Keep reading, we’ll tell you how elite swimmers manage chlorine and show you two of the best body wash products available to swimmers.

Have you tried everything to get the chlorine off?

I imagine you are like most swimmers and have tried just about everything to get the chlorine off after swimming. You’ve probably first tried washing extensively after swimming. Have you also tried a variety of D.Y.I. remedies like other swimmers?

The reason normal showers and D.Y.I. remedies don’t work is because chlorine sticks.

Chlorine sanitizes and sticks.

Chlorine is widely used in pools to sanitize the water. This is a good thing. Swimmers want the pool water clean and chlorine does an excellent job of cleaning it. When thinking of chlorine, think of bleach. It does a great job cleaning, but can quickly dry out your skin and damage your hair.

Chlorine levels in pools are deemed safe, however high exposures to chlorine gas can be harmful.

Organic matter acts like a magnet to chlorine. When you dive into the pool, chlorine is attracted to you. The more you swim, the more chlorine accumulates on you, and also the more sanitized you become. And sadly, the more negative effects of chlorine you will experience–like dry skin and damaged hair.

Swimming makes you super-clean.

Chlorinated pool water does a great job of cleaning, and after swimming, swimmers are super-clean. Showering with strong detergents will not remove chlorine and will only make your skin more dry and hair more damaged.

Use a Specialized Body Wash After Swimming.

The best thing to do after swimming is to use a swimming-specific body wash. Specialized products for swimmers are formulated to break the chlorine bond and gently remove the chlorine. Body washes for swimmers should:

  1. Break the Chlorine Bond. The first thing a great body wash should do is break the chlorine bond. Special formulations and ingredients will immediately reduce the chlorine which breaks the tight bond it has with your skin and hair.
  2. Gently wash away chlorine. A swimmer’s body wash should be mild. Harsh detergents and soaps are not necessary after swimming. Remember how clean chlorine makes swimmers? A good body wash for swimmers should be mild.
  3. Balance pH. Because chlorine is alkaline and your natural hair and skin is slightly acidic, a good shower gel should work to rebalance the pH of your hair and skin.

Shower Gel Elite Swimmers Use After Swimming

Elite swimmers know how damaging chlorine can be to their skin. And that’s why they use specialized products that combat dry, itchy skin. Here are two products you should consider:

ELITE Shower Gel for Swimmers.

ELITE Shower Gel, for elite athletes.

Anti-Chlorine Shower Gel for Swimmers.

Goodbye Chlorine Shower Gel, for fitness fanatics.