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How Swimmers Protect Their Hair and Skin

how swimmers protect hair skin

Here is a great article: Swimming And Chlorine: How Swimmers Protect Their Hair and Skin by

The author details two routines swimmers can use for protecting their hair and skin from the damaging effects of chlorine—an unfortunate side effect all swimmer experience.

How Swimmers Protect Their Hair

  • Apply a thin layer of oil to your hair before swimming. You can pour olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil onto your hands and just rub it through your hair to protect it.
  • Wet your hair with non-chlorinated water prior to swimming will lessen the amount of the element that can be absorbed.
  • Purchase swimming-specific shampoos and other pre-swim conditioning treatments that can keep hair healthy when swimming. (Check out Goodbye Chlorine’s hair and skin products for swimmers.)
  • Re-wet your hair frequently to rinse of the chlorine and keep it saturated with clean non-chlorinated water.
  • Use a bathing cap to keep water from contacting your hair.
  • Add a post-swim routine of deep shampooing, not using the high setting on the blow dryer and using a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush.

How Swimmers Protect Their Skin

  • Apply a waterproof sunscreen designed to protect against chlorine sensitivities.
  • Shower frequently between swims to reduce the amount of overall chlorine your skin will absorb.
  • Shower again after swimming. This will remove all traces of chlorine. Use soap this time.
  • Apply after-swim lotions that are specifically designed to neutralize chlorine’s causticity.

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