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How Swimmers Protect Their Hair from Chlorine

How Swimmers Protect Their Hair

Men’s Hair Expert David Alexander gives his advice and 5 tips on how swimmers protect their hair in his article: How to Avoid Swimmers Hair in the Pool: Say Goodbye to Swimmers Hair.

He’s noticed, “I know several guys who spend their summers swimming and then buzz their heads to remove the damaged hair. That’s fine, but unless you want to end up giving yourself a buzzcut, maintaining your hair while swimming is important.”

How Swimmers Protect Their Hair from Chlorine:

  1. Saturate your hair with a mixture of water and conditioner before you swim.
  2. Wear a swim cap to help protect your hair from the chlorine.
  3. Swim in salt water rather than a chlorinated pool if possible.
  4. Clean your hair after swimming. He recommends a conditioning shampoo. (Goodbye chlorine has shampoo and conditioner on sale.)
  5. Keep your hair trimmed regularly to keep your hair looking healthy.

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David gives some sage advice about how swimmers protect their hair from chlorine. We hope to make it a little easier.

Read the entire article here: How to Avoid Swimmers Hair in the Pool Say Goodbye to Swimmers Hair By David Alexander Men’s Hair Expert