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5 Pro Tips to Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

protect hair before swimming

Protect your Hair Before Swimming! Here are 5 pro tips you can use before swimming to keep your hair looking good. Use this advice before jumping into a chlorinated pool. A little preparation goes a long way towards keeping chlorine from damaging your hair.

5 Ways to Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

  1. Wet Your Hair Before Swimming
    Your hair absorbs water. Wet your hair in the shower so your hair will absorb the tap water rather than absorbing the pool water.
  2. Wear a Swimming Cap
    Not only does a swimming cap reduce drag and make you more streamlined in the pool, it also acts as a physical barier to chlorine. Wearing a swimming cap provides a lot of protection against chlorine damage.
  3. Don’t Shampoo Before Swimming
    Shampoo removes natural oils from your hair, and these natural oils provide some protection against chlorine. Leave the natural oils in your hair alone–don’t shampoo before swimming.
  4. Add Natural Oil
    In fact, add some additional natural oils to your hair before swimming. Coconut oil or Jojoba oil is a good choice. Apply a small amount to your hair before putting on a swimming cap.
  5. Apply Conditioner
    Instead of oil, you can use a leave-in conditioner. Use Goodbye Chlorine hair conditioner to provide maximum protection.