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This body wash gets the chlorine off after swimming.

Body Wash Chlorine Off Swimming by Goodbye Chlorine

Using a body wash for swimmers is the best way to remove chlorine after swimming and here’s why:

Not all body wash is created equal.

I need to get the chlorine off. Show me the body wash now.

No matter how hard you try, getting the chlorine smell off after swimming has been nearly impossible. Since the invention of public pools, swimmers have waged a battle with chlorine. Swimmers have a love-hate relationship with it: They love that the pool is sanitary, and hate that they smell like the pool at their evening dinner date.

With little success, people have tried all kinds of D.I.Y. remedies to get the chlorine off. They resort to D.I.Y. experiments because scrubbing with normal soap doesn’t work. No matter how hard you try, normal soap won’t do the trick.

Chlorine is exceptional at cleaning organic material from the pool, and when you jump in, you become the object of chlorine’s desire. Chlorine is attracted to you like a magnet–and a strong one at that. Once attached, chlorine develops a very strong bond. This strong bond is impossible to release with normal soap and body wash.

What makes body wash for swimmers special?

The simple answer is that body wash for swimmers is made to release chlorine. Goodbye Chlorine formulates our products around chlorine releasing agents. Our top priority when formulating products is that they must neutralize chlorine. But that’s not the only important feature needed to make a good body wash for swimmers.

Features of a good body wash for swimmers.

  • Releases Chlorine
    Normal soap does not have the ingredients to release chlorine. So no matter how hard you try with normal soap, chlorine won’t come off. A good body wash for swimmers will be formulated to neutralize (or release) chlorine left after swimming.
  • Removes Chlorine
    Body wash should also be formulated to easily wash away chlorine residue that has been released.
  • pH Balanced
    Chlorine is a very alkaline substance and that’s why you itch if chlorine dries on your skin. Body wash should work to restore a normal pH balance to your skin.
  • Gentle
    Lastly, a special body wash for swimmers should be gentle. Competitive swimmers workout multiple times a day and the shower gel should be gentle enough to use each time you swim.

In summary, a good body wash for swimmers should release and remove chlorine. It should be pH balanced. And lastly, it should be gentle.

Show me the special chlorine-removing body wash.