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Does your soap remove chlorine?

does your soap remove chlorine

Have you ever asked the question: Does my soap remove chlorine?

You may have tried washing once, twice or even three times after swimming and found hours later you still smelled like the swimming pool? This process of swimming, then showering, then smelling like chlorine has made more than one swimmer a little crazy. But don’t worry, there is soap made just for swimmers–and it does a great job of removing chlorine.

Click here if you would like to see the special swimmer’s soap. The link will jump to the end of the page, otherwise, keep reading for the full explanation.

Why won’t your soap remove chlorine?

If you are using “normal” soap, then you are using the wrong soap. “Normal” soap is made to remove dirt and grease. You may have noticed how soap is made and marketed for different uses. Mechanics use very aggressive soaps to clean their dirty hands. Women use gentle soaps on their face. In a nutshell, these soaps are made with different ingredients that make them stronger or gentler. Manufacturers use special ingredients and make an infinite variety of soaps with them. However, “normal” soap is not made for swimmers. Are you still asking, “Why won’t my soap remove chlorine?” The simple answer is: “normal” soap doesn’t remove chlorine.

Chlorine is toxic.

chlorine hazard area

Chlorine is one of those chemicals that small amounts do wonders, but large amounts can kill you. And that’s no joke. Have you ever swam in a pool where the chlorine balance is too high? Some of you are answering this rhetorical question, “Yes, like every day at my pool.” It’s common. Pool managers add extra chlorine to pools for a variety of reasons, and sometimes the balance gets a little too high.

When it does, you may notice your eyes are burning or feel like they have sand in them and they turn red. Ever see the rainbows around the pool lights? This is when it’s really bad. Even worse, you may begin feeling a burning sensation in your throat or start coughing. This happens when the chlorine is really, really bad.

Pools at “safe” levels of chlorine are wonderful. They keep the water sanitary which we all appreciate. It only takes 1 or 2 ppm (yes, parts per million) to make the chlorine irritating to your eyes and skin.

You may not have known this, but chlorine gas has been used as a chemical agent in warfare, and is deadly at high concentrations. Have you seen one of these signs at your swimming pool?

Not only is chlorine toxic, but chlorine likes organic objects. When you dive in the pool, you become a massive chlorine magnet. Chlorine will stick to you. And if you swim daily–and don’t get the chlorine off after swimming–it will begin to accumulate on you. This accumulation causes dry, itchy skin and “swimmer’s hair”.

Swimming-specific soap and shower gel removes chlorine.

Goodbye Chlorine makes personal care products for swimmers. All of our products contain chlorine reducing agents. What that means is that they will neutralize and release the powerful bond chlorine has with your hair and skin. Our soap and shower gel is gentle. This makes sense because you don’t need a strong soap. Remember, soap is made to remove dirt and grease. I bet your body is pretty clean after swimming for 30 minutes, or an hour, or even two hours. So the soap needs to neutralize the chlorine and then gently remove it.

Our soap is super emollient. This means the soap is soft to the skin.

We also make shampoo and conditioner. These products also remove chlorine and the work to balance the pH of your hair and return the moisture the pool has stripped away.

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