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Swimming Every Day? Three Chlorine Protection Tips You Need to Know.

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If you are like other people who are swimming every day, you are probably wondering: How do I get the chlorine off?

Although simmers are happy the chlorine keeps the swimming pool sanitized, they would rather not have it on their skin and hair once they leave the pool.

It’s an age-old problem swimmers have dealt with. Read on, and we’ll give you our top Three Chlorine Protection Tips You Need to Know.

Protect Your Hair Prior to Swimming

  • Wet your hair completely in the shower before swimming. You hair is like a sponge. Let it soak up as much tap water as possible. Yes, most tap water has some amount of chlorine in it, but much lower levels than the swimming pool. Once your hair is soaked with tap water, the pool water has a more difficult time getting to your hair.
  • Apply a natural oil such as coconut oil or a hair conditioner to your wet hair. This will provide another level of protection from the pool water. Better yet, use a swimming-specific conditioner that works to neutralize chlorine.
  • Wear a swimming cap. While soaking your hair and applying an oil or conditioner gives some level of protection, a swimming cap provides a physical barrier. Pool water will still get underneath the swimming cap, but it will prevent the pool water from continually washing over your hair which greatly reduces the damage chlorine will cause.

Remove Chlorine After Swimming

  • One of the most important things to do, is to get the chlorine off immediately after swimming. While swimming, chlorine creates a strong bond to your hair. The best way to get it off is to use a swimming-specific shampoo or conditioner. These swimming-specific products are formulated to neutralize and remove chlorine.
  • Our favorite product is Goodbye Chlorine’s Conditioner Plus. After years of trials, we perfected the conditioner. It has special ingredients to neutralize chlorine and return moisture to your hair. It contains Aztec Clay that bonds to impurities such as the neutralized chlorine and gently washes them away. The conditioner also has nutrients necessary to rebuild hair that has been damaged by chlorine. Conditioner Plus also provides excellent slip so you don’t further damage your hair when combing it out.

Use Chlorine-Neutralizing Products Away from the Pool

  • If you are swimming every day, then the battle with chlorine doesn’t end at the pool. Think about products that will gently neutralize chlorine, and moisturize your hair (and skin) away from the pool. Use swimming-specific soap, shampoo, conditioner and styling products at home as well.
  • One of our favorite products is Amaz’g. It’s a detangler plus chlorine neutralizer, heat protector, and leave-in conditioner. It’s one of the best products to use if you want to keep your hair protected from the chlorine.

Goodbye Chlorine is committed to manufacturing high-quality personal care products that make swimming more enjoyable by combating the damaging effects of chlorine. Shop for all of our chlorine removal products here.

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