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Swimmers' Hair and Skin Care: Recommendations, Tips and Deals

Swimmers’ Hair and Skin Care: Recommendations, Tips and Deals

Who is this for?

If you’ve arrived to this page, you are probably wondering how to remove chlorine from your body and hair. If so, you’ve found the right place.

We are experts at removing chlorine and on this page we will give you our product recommendations, tips and tell you how to purchase our products at the best discount.

Chlorine is Sanitizing and Damaging

Chlorine is sanitizing and drying. After prolonged and repeated exposure, it will damage your hair and skin. How much chlorine irritates you depends on how sensitive you are to it. For instance, if you have light blonde and fine hair, the chlorine may turn your hair a greenish tint. Or you may have sensitive skin, and exposure to chlorine will cause you to develop a rash. This condition is commonly known as “chlorine rash”.

Because everyone is a little different, there is no a one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with chlorine. In this article we will give you all of our best information, so you can make a good decision about which products will work for you.

Recommendations for your Body

  1. Shower Gel – Our shower gel is perfect for gently removing chlorine from your body after swimming. This product works well for most people and is our most sought after product. It gently removes the chlorine that has stuck to you while swimming. You will notice after using this product you no longer smell like chlorine which is proof the chlorine is gone.
  2. Lotion – Chlorine drys out your skin and our lotion returns this lost moisture to your skin. It also contains chlorine neutralizing agents in case you missed some spots in the shower. If you have problems with dry skin after swimming, you’ll love our lotion.
  3. Soap – We recommend using our soap at home between swims. Our soap is highly emollient (moisturizing) and washes off easily. It contains chlorine neutralizing ingredients to make sure the chlorine stays off.
  4. Spray – If you have super-sensitive skin and want our strongest chlorine neutralizing product, then our anti-chlorine spray is for you. It can be used on your hair and skin before showering. Rinse off before using our other products.

Recommendations for your Hair

  1. Conditioner – This is the product we recommend for everybody and this single product works for most people. Yes it may seem a little weird not using shampoo after swimming, but consider this: Your hair has already been cleaned by the chlorine, and you’ve lost lots of moisture. What you need is to very gently remove the chlorine and return some of the lost moisture to your hair. Our conditioner does all of this. We recommend first trying only our conditioner after swimming and see how it works for you.
  2. Styling Protectant / Leave-in Conditioner – If the chlorine really dries out your hair or if you use heat to style your hair, then you may consider our styling protectant and leave-in conditioner. It can also be used as a pre-treatment before swimming if you wear a latex cap.
  3. Putty – If you use a hair wax or hair gel, then you may consider using our hair putty. It is a strong hold hair wax that also contains chlorine neutralizing ingredients. The big bonus to this product is that it also adds some oils back into your hair and keeps it looking healthy and feeling good. A pro tip: it can also be used as a pre-treatment before swimming if you wear a latex cap.
  4. Shampoo – Ours is a highly-specialized shampoo that removes chlorine in the most difficult hair. Our shampoo isn’t for everyone, but if your hair doesn’t play well with chlorine and you need to get it out, then consider using our shampoo. If you are more of a ‘normal’ hair person, then try using only our conditioner.
  5. Spray – This is our strongest chlorine removal product. If the chlorine turns your hair green, or if chlorine causes severe damage to your hair you may consider using our spray, then follow with our conditioner and possibly our styling protectant.

Prevent Chlorine From Damaging Your Hair

The old saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. And it’s true. Although there is no foolproof way to keep chlorine off your hair, these tips will help minimize the damage.

  1. Tap Water – Before swimming soak your hair in the shower. You hair will absorb the shower water and make it much harder for the pool water to get in. Think of your hair like a sponge. Once your hair absorbs this water it’s much less likely that more will get in. And yes, shower water does have chlorine in it, but much less than the pool water.
  2. Pre-treatment – After wetting your hair, apply our anti-chlorine conditioner, styling protectant, or hair putty. These products will all help to create a barrier to the pool water. Don’t bother with this step if you don’t wear a latex swimming cap.
  3. Latex Swimming Cap – Wear a latex swimming cap. It acts as a physical barrier and helps keep the swimming pool water away from your hair. This won’t completely keep the pool water out, but it willreduce the amount of pool water that gets on your hair.

Best Product Deals

We sell our products exclusively on our website. The best discount is to buy our bundled products.

  1. Better Together – For people who want to buy shampoo and conditioner combos.
  2. Value Bundles – For people who would like to follow our recommendations on this page. Value bundles are our best deal.
  3. Super Bundle – For people who want just about everything we offer.

Other Useful Information

Check out our shipping and handling and return policies. If you have questions, please contact us.

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Mark Cuban on Entrepreneurship and Success

Mark Cuban is a successful American entrepreneur and investor. He is a household name due to his appearances on the TV reality show “Shark Tank”. His business career reaches back in to the early 1980’s and his first notable success came in 1990 when he sold MicroSolutions for $6 million. He earned approximately $2 million on the deal.

His career has skyrocketed since then and he has become one of the most noteworthy modern entrepreneurs.

Here is a compilation by Evan Carmichael, Cuban’s 10 Rules:

  1. Now is the time. There is never a perfect time to start (a business), but today with the internet, you can start a business now part-time without leaving your current employment.
  2. Be passionate. Cuban has always been passionate about businesses he’s been involved with. When you are passionate you enjoy what you do and you don’t watch the clock.
  3. Don’t make excuses. “I’m not big on excuses. Everyone has the ability to do it, they just have to go for it.”
  4. Learn from history. Most likely your business idea isn’t unique. Understand why the businesses before you failed and try to figure out if you have a competitive advantage.
  5. Enjoy competing. “The ultimate sport is business, because you have to compete with everybody.”
  6. Know your business. “Small business don’t fail for lack of capital. They fail for lack of brains. They fail for a lack of effort.”
  7. Be brutally honest with yourself. Mark cautions that most business startups lie to themselves about how great they are when in reality they are in a hyper-competitive marketplace. His antidote is hard work and knowing your business better than anyone else.
  8. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Leverage your strengths and work with people who compliment your weaknesses.
  9. Be unique. “There needs to be a defining feature of your company and you need to be the best at it.”
  10. Be yourself. Understand what motivates you and follow your passion.

What lessons can you learn from Mark? Is there something new here you can apply to your life in sports, business or in your personal life?

Moisturizer for Swimmers: What to use after swimming in chlorine.

Moisturizer for Swimmers: What to use after swimming in chlorine.

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures anti-chlorine products for swimmers’ hair and skin. Click here to see our entire product line, or our buyer’s guide.

There is so much to love about swimming. Whether you’re a competitive elite athlete, or a recreational swimmer the weightless feeling of gliding through the water may never grow old. Thankfully, you’re gliding through sanitized water.

It’s a love-hate relationship we have with chlorine. I think I’m speaking for swimmers throughout the world when I say we love it that chlorine keeps our swimming pool water clean, and we hate how chlorine makes us feel after swimming.

For most of us, we experience dry, itchy skin and can smell the chlorine on our skin long after getting out of the pool. It seems that no matter how many times we shower, the chlorine odor just has a way of hanging around.

Chlorine rash develops when some swimmers come in contact with chlorine . This condition is also known as "irritant contact dermatitis".
Chlorine rash develops on some swimmers when they come in contact with chlorine. This condition is also known as “irritant contact dermatitis”.

This is the tenacious nature of chlorine. It bonds tightly to any organic matter, and you are one hunk of an organic matter, so chlorine has a serious attraction to you.

While most swimmers experience only dry, itchy skin, others have a much more severe reaction to chlorine. Chlorine irritates some swimmers so badly they develop a rash commonly known as “chlorine rash” or formally as “irritant contact dermatitis”. These swimmers are so sensitive to chlorine that coming in contact with it causes them to develop a rash.

Medical News Today recommends prevention and treatment that includes “a body wash or lotion that has been designed to remove or protect against chlorine”.

Whether or not you develop a chlorine rash after swimming, you probably do notice you have dry, itchy skin to some degree and you’ve certainly smelled the lingering chlorine odor. This is proof positive that the chlorine is still on you.

All of our products are designed to gently remove chlorine from your hair and skin. So no matter what you choose to use, our products will get the chlorine off. For your skin, we recommend using an anti-chlorine shower gel or soap after swimming. These products contain ingredients that neutralize chlorine and are formulated to gently wash it away. There’s no need for harsh detergents after becoming super-clean in the swimming pool. The goal here is just to get the chlorine off, right?

Anti-Chlorine Lotion is the perfect moisturizer after swimming.

ELITE anti-chlorine lotion for swimmers is the perfect moisturizer after swimming. It contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and our expert blend of chlorine neutralizing ingredients.

After using either a soap or shower gel, we recommend using a swimming-specific lotion. Our lotion has some chlorine-neutralizing goodness in it, and as importantly, it is packed with moisturizers. Using our lotion after swimming is the next best thing to actually being in the swimming pool. It just feels so good to put it on knowing that the chlorine is simply evaporating and the moisture is being returned to your body.

ELITE anti-chlorine lotion for swimmers is the perfect moisturizer after swimming. It contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and our expert blend of chlorine neutralizing ingredients.

How will you know that this lotion works? It’s simple: The irritating symptoms of dry, itchy skin and the lingering chlorine odor will simply be gone. Swimming just became a little more enjoyable. Have fun out there!

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Stop Wasting Time: Why schedules are important.

Stop Wasting Time: Why schedules are important.

Here is some motivation today provided by Jordan Peterson who is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He begins by reminding us of how much time the average person wastes in a day. Before you read on, ask yourself this question: How much time do I waste each day? Make a mental note of the number.

Peterson says, “I often ask undergraduates how many hours a day you waste, or how many hours a week you waste? The classic answer is 4-6 hours a day. … That’s 25 hours a week, 100 hours a month (2 1/2 full work weeks). It’s half a year of work weeks per year.”

I often ask undergraduates how many hours a day you waste, or how many hours a week you waste? The classic answer is 4-6 hours a day. … That’s 25 hours a week, 100 hours a month (2 1/2 full work weeks). It’s half a year of work weeks per year.

Jordan peterson

That number seems outrageous, but probably rings true. You can calculate the number anyway you want, but Peterson suggests if you put it to a number of $20 per hour, it is around $50,000 per year wasted. A financial number any of us would find enormous.

So what is his suggestion to remedy the problem? Peterson recommends making a schedule, but he cautions many people get it wrong.

Jordan says many people view a schedule as too restrictive, “Make a schedule and stick to it. It’s not a prison. I have to do this, then I have to do this. WRONG!”

He says instead you should view a schedule as a tool you use to create the most beneficial day for yourself. He says, “Set the schedule up so that you have the day that you want. That’s the trick.” He continues, “If I could set it (the schedule) up so it’s the the best day possible that I could have, practically speaking, What would it look like? Then you schedule it. “

He goes on to talk about how you need to think about what you actually want in life, and schedule things responsibly, and try to stick to it. If you only hit 50% of what you scheduled, then you were a lot better off than if you just wasted all of the time. As you get better at scheduling and as you become more productive, then you will become better at it.

One thing he said that I took particular note of, especially because Peterson is a clinical psychologist is, “You cannot be mentally healthy without a routine.”

Do you currently have a schedule? Will you start one, or improve on your system in 2019?

Watch the full motivation video below.

Jordan Peterson: Motivation of being more productive.

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Swimmers' Hair: What elite swimmers use.

Shampoo for Swimmers’ Hair: What elite swimmers use.

You may be swimming 3 or 4 times a week and wondering how elite swimmers who are in the pool 9 to 12 times per week manage all of the chlorine exposure? The typical portrayal of swimmers with slim bodies, wide shoulders and frizzy hair is nearly accurate. It used to be that they had frizzy hair. Now they are able to keep their hair looking healthy because of some innovative products made for them like our shampoo for swimmers’ hair.

Are You Busy or Productive?

Are You Busy or Productive?

Joey from his Better Ideas vlog talks about being busy vs. being productive. How many people do you know who are always busy, but never seem to get anything done?

Do you feel like you are constantly busy jumping from one distraction to another? Are you constantly interrupted and beginning more projects than you are finishing?

Joey has two tips to get you back on track:

  1. Start waking up early in the morning. Use that morning as productivity time when you aren’t distracted.
  2. Shorten your to-do list. From your entire list, pick the most important things on your list and do those.

You can see his entire vlog below.

Are you busy yet wish you were more productive? Then his tips may work well for you.

Here is another of Joey’s vlogs you may find interesting:

Unleash your brain.

Swimmers' Hair Shampoo removes chlorine

Swimmers’ Shampoo: Products avid swimmers use to win the battle against chlorine.

Does your hair feel dry and crunchy? Are you wondering how some avid swimmers are able to keep their hair looking terrific while yours looks like the stereotypical “swimmers’ hair”? Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “They have magic hair that looks beautiful no matter what happens to it?”

You’ve come to the right place. No, these swimmers don’t have magic hair. Read on and learn how you can keep your hair looking good AND be an avid swimmers as well.

Swimmmers' Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion removes chlorine.

Chlorine: The Silent Assassin

Swimming World’s college intern Olivia McKelvey raises the question: Is Chlorine Hurting Swimmers More than it is Helping Them?

Her conclusion is there are some real and at least annoying health consequences of swimming, but the health benefits outweigh the problems. Avid swimmers have dealt with these issues since the use of chlorine in swimming pools.

She outlines three issues: 1. Asthma or “Chlorine Cough”, 2. Dry skin and 3. Decaying teeth.


Unleash Your Brain

Would you like to unleash your brain and increase your capacity? Joey gives his 5 best tips on how to increase your brain power on his Better Ideas vlog.

Here are Joey’s 5 habits you can start implementing today that will help you become limitless.

  1. Learn Broadly and Thoroughly
    • Read books and learn about a wide variety of topics such as auto mechanics, ancient civilizations, mathematics. Learn a new language, or how to cook like a professional for instance. But he cautions to not only read about a topic, but to become an expert by focus reading at least three books on each subject.
  2. Talk About These New Ideas
    • Joey cautions that reading alone is not enough. You need to manifest these academic ideas into your reality and the best way to do that is to talk to somebody about them. He uses learning a new language as an example. He struggled with conversational Spanish when he was just reading books, but once he was forced to start speaking the language, he was able to master the new skill. He says in order to really master a new skill you have to focus not only on the input of information (reading) but also the output of the information to make it useful.
  3. Meditate
    • It’s amazing how many self-help gurus say you should meditate, and Joey is no exception. He practices only 5 minutes of meditation a day to help him focus on critical, deep-thinking tasks. He is a chronic multi-tasker and uses meditation to settle his mind to focus and dive into difficult tasks.
  4. Limit Social Media
    • This probably sounds obvious, but Joey brings his own perspective on why. He says that increasing your brain power is largely based on your ability to focus on a single task. He says browsing social media trains your mind to be unfocused which is counterproductive to his goal of focusing.
  5. Health and Nutrition
    • Your brain is simply a large organ in your body, and the better your body functions, the better your brain will work.

These are great tips to unleashing your brain power. Do you already do some of these, or are some of these new ideas that you will put into your daily routine?

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New Year’s Resolutions: Goals or Systems?

Big Think features Adam Alter, author of Irresistible contrasts Goals with Systems.

He argues that systems are better than goals. He says that goals are merely goal posts that you measure progress by and by focusing on the goal, you live in a state of failure until you reach the goal milestone.

He says that it’s systems that are actually the work that gets you to your goal and that focusing on systems is a better psychological approach than focusing on goals.

Take for instance the goal of writing a book. If you only focus on the goal, then every day that your book isn’t done can be a bummer.

He says focusing on a system of writing for an hour every day is a better strategy because it is actually the thing that will produce a written book. Every day your finish your system of writing for one hour, you can have some satisfaction that you have made progress.

You may have a goal of becoming a world champion swimmer for instance. This, of course will take years to achieve. Do you want to face the hard challenges of training every day reminding yourself that you are not currently a world champion? What if you determined the systems necessary for you to become a world champion? You could focus then on the daily achievement of these systems. Of course you would still occasionally evaluate your progress towards your primary goal. By sticking to your systems, you would have daily wins and be in a more positive psychological state.

What are your goals this year, and what kinds of systems will you put in place to achieve them?

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We All Start as Beginners

We All Start as Beginners

Videographers turned vloggers Becki and Chris give some great advice to anyone starting out. They say to adjust your expectations and to be okay with being a beginner. Chris says something worth noting, “If it was easy and it didn’t require the work, then everyone would be doing it and there would be nothing special about it.”

People who are remarkable, have built a skill–that likely took years of dedication and commitment. We honor those people because we recognize how hard they had to work to achieve such high levels of skill.

Chris gives advice to beginners, “If you always strive to progress, that’s a healthy way to look at anything.” That’s great to know that everything worth doing takes time and we all start as beginners.

What are you trying to achieve? What will you do today?

If it was easy and it didn’t require the work, then everyone would be doing it and there would be nothing special about it.

chris from youtube vlogers becki and chris

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Motivation: The Wisdom of Denzel Washington

Motivation: The Wisdom of Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, was in his words, “a twenty year overnight success.” In this video he emphasizes how the combination of hard work, dedication and consistency is the formula for success. There is no substitute for hard work.

What are your goals, and what are you going to accomplish. Go get it!

Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly, without consistency you’ll never finish.

Denzel Washington

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Today’s Motivation: Consistency

Here is a short video to give you a little motivation boost today. Go get it!

… and your problem is you’re on beast mode Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 10 AM to 12 beast mode. 1 to 5. You keep starting and stopping, starting and stopping. I challenge you. I challenge you to make up the gap. I challenge you to go from average. I challenge you to go from good. I challenge you to go from great. And I challenge you to go to be phenomenal. I challenge you to live in beast mode, because beast mode makes more money than average does, period.

Why First Impressions Are Everything

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”

Ryan Serhant, American real estate agent and television star, gives his take on why first impressions are so important. It’s never too late to work on how you present yourself to the world. Can you improve in this area?

Goggins recommends stretching, yoga to release the psoas muscle.

CAUTION: Video contains language not appropriate for some minors.

David Goggins, retired United States Navy SEAL, former world record holder, and ultra-distance athlete used to poo-poo stretching. Through a process of discovery, he found out that a tight psoas muscle was creating debilitating chronic fatigue. He said, “I was choking my insides out. I went from a guy who could run 205 miles to a guy who couldn’t get out of bed.”

I was choking my insides out. I went from a guy who could run 205 miles to a guy who couldn’t get out of bed.

David Goggins

Once he decided to start a stretching routine, he did it Goggins-style and began stretching 1.5 – 2 hours per day and began realizing renewed vitality. It’s an amazing story you can hear in the following video.

Joe Rogan who always brings a fresh perspective noted that Nicolas Gregoriades said, “Yoga is a martial art you do against yourself.” Goggins agrees and mentioned that he’s a believer in maintaining a stretching / yoga routine as a foundational part of his routine.

Here are some symptoms you can have because of a tight psoas muscle.

Here are some yoga recommendations for stretching and strengthening your psoas muscle.

David Goggins, retired United States Navy SEAL and ultra-distance athlete.

Can you relate to some of Goggins’ experiences? Do you have a regular yoga and stretching routine? Should you start?

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Phelps Motivation: 3 underwater highlights
The Power of Consistency

Power of Consistency

The Power of Consistency

Outside my office window is a construction project. It’s been underway for about a year and a half. Every day the work begins at 7 AM. At about 6:45 the crane operators walk up the ladders. Crews below begin organizing and assessing the day’s work ahead.

They work every day. They begin at 7 AM. Every day.

It’s a sizable building 5 or 6 stories high. When the project began it was nothing but a vacant lot and machines used to drive pilings. Kuthunk, kuthunk, kuthunk. The sound of the pile drivers went on for months. Always beginning at 7 AM. Working every day.


Phelps Motivation: 3 underwater highlights

Here is some motivation for today.

I don’t know about you, but I get goosebumps every time I see a highlight reel of Michael Phelps. This one is terrific. Here are three thrilling underwaters by Phelps.


Conquer Your Mind with Wim Hof

Certainly you’ve heard the sports cliche, “90% of performance is above the neck”. It’s hard to accept especially when you consider the daily self-inflicted pain swimmers endure. But were it not for the mental toughness, would the body comply? Of course your body has to be there, but isn’t it your mind that guided it?

But what about the mind expanding thought of doing something commonly thought of as impossible, such as:

Climbing Mt. Everest in shorts, or running a half marathon barefoot in snow?

Impossible? What if you had such access and precise control over your mind that you were able to regulate your body temperature and withstand such extreme cold? Again, impossible?

Wim Hof, holds 26 world records including the longest ice bath of 1 hour and 52 minutes. He defies previously held scientific beliefs by controlling his mind, and his body temperature.

Achievements like what Wim Hof does expands the world of possibilities for all of us. For instance, in track a sub-4 minute mile was thought to be an impossible feat. But once Roger Bannister broke it, others quickly followed.

I can think of other accomplishment that we would think of as crazy or impossible such as tightrope walking between the New York Trade Center towers. Or free climbing El Capitan. Or jumping from a plane without a parachute.

I’m not recommending that you become an extreme thrill-seeker. Instead, I’m suggesting that you reflect on your own preconceived ideas and mental limits. Realize that you have built a mental image of what you can and can’t do. And, most importantly, you can change that mental construct immediately.

What lessons can you learn from Wim Hof, and how can you use this lesson to improve your life or achieve your goals?

Smells Like Chlorine on Twitter

Smells Like Chlorine on Twitter

The familiar smell of chlorine at the pool brings back strong memories for many. Smelling like the pool? A completely different story.

Here are some tweets that will shed some light on what people think about the smell of chlorine.

Our work is not done here.
You can now take one of your criteria of the list. Our new slogan: Making more relationships.
Where should we begin? Maybe here?
Very cool, now just leave the smell  at the pool.
Oh my, our work is not done here.

Body Wash for Swimmers

Chlorine Removal Body Wash for Swimmers

Whether you are just headed to the pool to relax, or for a serious workout, one thing is certain: When you are finished at the pool you’ll be reminded of it by the chlorine smell. How is it that after swimming chlorine has a way of just hanging around?

It’s the nature of chlorine. It’s a terrific sanitizer and clings on to all organic matter (read: you).

There is one secret that elite swimmers have and that’s how to get rid of chlorine after swimming and keep the chlorine smell confined to the swimming pool.


3 Lifestyle Changes: Simple and sustainable way to reach your goal weight.

It’s the end of the year and time when people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. Invariably this boils down to family, health and finances. This post talks about health and the #1 thing most Americans want to do is lose some weight. Some more than others, but lose weight nonetheless.

I think the best way to organize this article is to tell you my three lifestyle changes first, and then explain them one at a time. Here they are:

  1. Reduce (try to eliminate) all sugary drinks.
  2. Time-restricted eating.
  3. Daily walking.

That’s it. It simple and sustainable. The only thing that is difficult, if you want to think of it as difficult is to actually do it. If you decide you want to do this, my suggestion is to think about this as a lifestyle change and not as a diet. This is not a binary test. You didn’t simply pass or fail. It’s a lifestyle and each of these ideas should be thought of as a spectrum. If in your mind you want to walk 30 minutes every day, but you only waked 15 minutes one day, or missed a day, just quickly forgive yourself and use it as a reminder that this is a lifestyle not a requirement. It’s something you want and like to do, not have to do. Simply pick up where you left off and keep going.

If you can keep these three ideas as the rule, not the exception then you will be healthier.

Also, by adopting this as a lifestyle, you can move your time horizon out significantly. You don’t have to think about achieving your goal next week or next month. You can think about a year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years. Lifestyle has a much more powerful and lasting connotation than diet which is generally related to and thought about as a temporary fad.

I could go on to say consult your doctor before making any dietary changes, or beginning an exercise routine, but if your doctor disagrees with any of these changes then get a new doctor. Let’s get to it.

David Goggins on Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

David Goggins on Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

David Goggins, former Navy Seal and ultra-distance athlete talks about how to use your mind to overcome great challenges.

He argues that we seek comfort and it’s important to put yourself into uncomfortable situations in order to grow.

He says the biggest war we are going through is right in our mind and we have to train our mind to be tough.

His story about his first 100 mile run in under 24 hours is amazing. Would you have been able to do what he did? How can you strengthen your mind so that when life gets tough, you can overcome great challenges?

Chlorine Leak: Swimming pool chlorine leak in the UK sends 4 to the hospital.

Chlorine Leak: Swimming pool chlorine leak in the UK sends 4 to the hospital.

A chlorine leak at the Strood Sports Center in Rochester, England sent four to the hospital to have their breathing checked. Reports indicate that everyone was okay and the pool was only temporarily closed until the leak was identified and fixed.

I think we are all grateful that chlorine is used in swimming pools, at least for the sanitizing health benefits–and for the use of chlorine at low, “safe” levels.

Chlorine, however, isn’t always safe. At much higher concentrations chlorine can be dangerous. It is so toxic in fact, that chlorine was one of the the first chemicals to be weaponized. 

Chlorine gas, used on the infamous day of April 22, 1915, produces a greenish-yellow cloud that smells of bleach and immediately irritates the eyes, nose, lungs, and throat of those exposed to it. At high enough doses it kills by asphyxiation.

a brief history of chemical war

Let’s just say that chlorine is dangerous and is not to be messed around with. If you smell an unusually strong chlorine odor (yes stronger than “normal”) evacuate the pool and call you emergency number.

Pool chlorine leaks are rare, but not uncommon. Twice in the past year Berkely High School has had a chlorine leak. You’d think once would be enough, but apparently the problem wasn’t fixed properly after the first incident.

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Does soap remove chlorine? Soap for swimmers.

Soap for Swimmers: Everything about chlorine removing soap.

In this article we discuss:

  • What you should look for in a swimmer’s soap.
  • What alternative products to soap should you consider.
  • What products work well in combination with chlorine removing soaps.

You may be asking if soap removes chlorine? The answer is: yes it does, and here are soaps made just for swimmers.

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures anti-chlorine products for swimmers’ hair and skin. Click here to see our entire product line, or our buyer’s guide.

What makes a good swimmer’s soap?

When looking for soap that removes chlorine, find those that are made for swimmers. Swimming-specific soaps have special ingredients that neutralize chlorine. Quality soaps are also gentle and moisturizing.

Soap for swimmers will:

  • Neutralize and gently wash away chlorine.
  • Moisturize your skin.

Chlorine is a tale of two stories. We are happy that it is sanitizing the swimming pool, but unhappy about wearing it around all day after swimming.

It’s a fact of a swimmer’s life, they have to deal with chlorine. Swimmers who want to look and smell like a normal person after swimming seek products that remove chlorine.

What alternatives are there to soap for swimmers?

When it comes to skin care for swimmers, there are a few alternatives to using soap.

Here are two products you should consider:

  • Shower Gel — Our anti-chlorine shower gel is highly effective at removing chlorine. It’s a product you should at least consider. Our customers often will use the shower gel at the swimming pool and the soap at home between swims.
  • Anti-Chlorine Spray — If you just want the strongest product that removes chlorine, try our

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures a complete line of skin and hair care products. We make personal care products for swimmers that instantly removes chlorine: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Soap, Lotion, Styling Products and Anti-Chlorine Spray.

We make our products in different strengths:

  • ELITE: For competitive athletes who are in the swimming pool more than 5 times per week.
  • Goodbye Chlorine: For avid swimmers who are in the swimming pool up to 5 times per week.
  • Swimmer Kids: For kids who love to, or who are learning to swim.
  • Protect: For people who want extra protection from chlorine.

Our soap is one of the most effective ways of removing chlorine after swimming. Use it in combination with our other products for maximum results.

What product do we recommend to use with soap?

Try our anti-chlorine lotion made for swimmers. It returns moisture to you skin that was lost to the chlorine in the swimming pool, and it also neutralizes chlorine just in case you missed any spots in the shower with the soap.

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Science of Chlorine: Why it is important for public health.

I speak for most all swimmers: We are extremely grateful for the discovery of chlorine and for sanitary swimming pools. Science ABC wrote an easy-to-read article explaining how chlorine works to keep our swimming pools sanitized.