Anti-Chlorine Hair Conditioner for Swimmers

ELITE Anti-Chlorine Conditioner is the perfect product for use after swimming, especially if you have chlorine-damaged hair.

Is your hair damaged from swimming?Chlorine damages swimmers’ hair causing it to become dry and brittle. In the most severe cases, chlorine-damaged hair will feel rough and break easily. Chlorine can turn blonde hair green if it’s not removed.

Our hair conditioner neutralizes chlorine, conditions, detangles, and removes impurities. It instantly removes chlorine, bromine, salts and other impurities that damage hair.

Learn more about managing swimmer’s hair.

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ELITE Conditioner for Swimmers.

Thank you for your cooperation and courtesy.

This is actually the second time I have placed an order for my son who is very pleased with your product. He is in the water 6 days a week competing for his high school and club teams. We are now trying the other products. Thank you again.

Don / Swimmer Dad

Great product! My kids love the fragrance, and it eliminates the chlorine.

Tiff / Swimmer
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