Top Secret

Secret Science

In the labs, we have made an amazing discovery. A secret element that safely, and quickly neutralizes chlorine.

Since we are all avid swimmers, we had this bright idea: What if we put this secret element into personal care products for–wait for it–swimmers? !!

After years of trials, we produced products that instantly remove chlorine. And we went a bit crazy. We made shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, lotion, and styling products.

Swimmers now have access to our secret anti-chlorine spray bottled under the code name: Goodbye Green.

Swimmers around the world (er, at least in the US for now) are free from smelling and itching from chlorine.

But, pssssst … please don’t tell anyone! It’s super-secret!

Secret Savings

See our current super secret deals [here]. More coming soon.