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A Long Swim (ALS)

Doug McConnell, A Long Swim for ALS

5,000 + people have reached the summit of Mt. Everest. 50,000 people will complete an Ironman Triathlon this year. But ...
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doubts are traitors self-talk

Our Doubts are Traitors

We all have it: An inner dialogue. This self-talk is dominated by fear and doubt. It's programmed into our reptilian ...
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strive to be your best

Having a Vision for Your Life is a Moral Obligation

Jordan Peterson, who is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has spend ...
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chlorine safety tips

Protect Yourself From Chlorine This Summer

ABC15 in Arizona reports on how to protect yourself from chlorine this summer. Experts at Arizona's Integrated Health Center say ...
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, vision success

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Rules for Success

Achieving a high level of success in one area of your life is challenging enough. But what about Arnold Schwarzenegger ...
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Daniel Tammet savant brain power

Daniel Tammet: Potential, insight and perception.

Savants are those types of people who have a particular talent. They are generally considered genius and are likely socially ...
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swimmers shampoo hair

Swimmers’ Shampoo, managing swimmers’ hair.

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures swimmers' shampoo and other anti-chlorine products for managing swimmers' hair and skin. Click here to see our ...
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gogoggins nothing is impossible

Goggins overcame his fear of the water to become a Navy SEAL.

CAUTION: Video contains language not appropriate for some minors. David Goggins, would have never become a Navy SEAL, had it ...
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swimmer skin care

Skin Care for Swimmers: Everything you wanted to know about getting chlorine off of your body.

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures anti-chlorine products for swimmers' hair and skin. Click here to see our entire product line, or our ...
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