Product Labeling, Condition and Use

By purchasing our products from the Site, third party websites or retail stores, you agree to understand the risks involved with using our products and release McLaren and Young LLC “Manufacturer” from any liability associated with your use of products.

McLaren and Young LLC makes its best effort to follow all FDA and consumer protection guidelines with regards to our products. We provide clear labeling that contains directions and an ingredient statement. When you buy and use our products, you agree to read the ingredient statement and directions before you use them and use them only as directed.

Upon receipt of our products, you agree to inspect them for both shipping damage and freshness. If they are either damaged or spoiled McLaren and Young LLC will issue a refund, credit or exchange. See our return policy here .

The ingredient statement is an important part of any cosmetic product. McLaren and Young LLC uses products that are “unregulated” by the Federal Food and Drug administration and use them within the FDA guidelines. MCLAREN AND YOUNG LLC MAKES NO REPRESENTATION EITHER EXPLICITLY OR IMPLIED THAT THESE PRODUCTS WILL CURE ANY CONDITION OR DISEASE, NOR DOES MCLAREN AND YOUNG MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION THAT THESE PRODUCTS WILL BE SAFE FOR YOU TO USE.

Although McLaren and Young LLC makes efforts to ensure our products are safe, there is no way to know if you will have an allergic or debilitating reaction by using our products. You agree to read the ingredient statement, consult your own health professional if necessary and use the products AT YOUR OWN RISK.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Do not get the products in your eyes or ingest them. This applies whether or not the products are marketed for use by children.

You agree to release McLaren and Young LLC from all liability from your use of our products and further agree that your total damages will be limited to the total amount spent buying our products over the last 30 days.