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Anti-chlorine Shampoo for Swimmers

anti-chlorine shampoo Goodbye Chlorine

Anti-chlorine shampoo for swimmers contains special ingredients that reduce chlorine. If you want to get the chlorine out of your hair after swimming then make sure the shampoo you buy is formulated to remove chlorine.

Clean pools contain chlorine.

Thank goodness for chlorine. It’s the most widely accepted sanitizer for public pools. Most likely the pool you swim in uses it. Chlorine kills infectious organisms and water borne diseases. It’s highly effective and persistent.

You may have experienced how persistent chlorine is. Have you ever smelled like chlorine long after your have left the pool? This is because chlorine has formed a strong bond with your hair and body. It’s difficult to get off after swimming. In fact, normal soaps and shampoos don’t get chlorine off.

Chlorine is especially damaging to hair.

Hair in its normal state is slightly acidic, or lower than 7 on a pH scale. But chlorine is alkaline (higher than 7 on a pH scale). When you hair comes in contact with chlorine, the cuticle lift. This is why your hair feels rough after swimming.

The cuticle is very important to keeping your hair shiny and healthy. Normally, your cuticle lie flat and lock moisture into your hair. When theses scale-like structures lift, the chlorine is able to attach to the hair shaft and remove natural oil from your hair. You hair becomes dry, dull, crunchy and rough.

Special products remove chlorine.

The chlorine that has attached to your hair is very difficult to remove. It has formed a tight bond. Goodbye Chlorine products contain special ingredients that reduce chlorine (breaks the bond) and then gently washes it away. It’s these chlorine reducing ingredients that make the products work for swimmers.

Anti-Chlorine Shampoo.

Goodbye Chlorine makes four types of Anti-Chlorine Shampoo:

  1. Elite – This shampoo is for athletes who are in the pool 5 or more times per week.
  2. Goodbye Chlorine – This shampoo is for recreational swimmers who are in the pool (or hot tub) up to 5x per week.
  3. Protect – Protect shampoo has been formulated to protect hair color from bleach out whether from a chlorinated pool or shower.
  4. Swimmer Kids – Products are for kids who are learning to, or who love to swim.

All of Goodbye Chlorine’s products reduce and remove chlorine. Whether you are an elite, competitive swimmer or someone who just has an extra sensitivity to chlorine, Goodbye Chlorine’s products will remove the chlorine from your skin and hair.

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