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Science of Chlorine: Why it is important for public health.


I speak for most all swimmers: We are extremely grateful for the discovery of chlorine and for sanitary swimming pools. Science ABC wrote an easy-to-read article explaining how chlorine works to keep our swimming pools sanitized.

So it’s great that pools are clean and that chlorine work. If you’re into the science of it all, read the Science ABC article Why is Chlorine so Important for Swimming Pools?

The last point they make is that although we’re happy chlorine is used to keep our pools clean, it is also an irritant. Here is what they say:

Is Chlorine an Irritating Agent?
While chlorine undeniably helps in decontaminating the water, the potential drawbacks of treating pool water with chlorine cannot be ignored. It has a very sharp, distinctive smell that is not particularly appealing to many people, and it can also cause itching of the skin, which is thoroughly irritating to swimmers. Hypochlorite ions can also stick to fabrics if not rinsed immediately after leaving the pool. This is the reason why the colors of swimsuits fade rather quickly. At unusually high levels, chlorine can even cause breathing problems and be hazardous to human health.


Swimming in chlorinated pools is just a fact of life, but now if you use our personal care products, swimmers can now leave the chlorine in the pool.

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