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Shampoo for Swimmers, look great out of the pool too.

shampoo for swimmers, look great out of the pool

Goodbye Chlorine manufactures shampoo for swimmers and other anti-chlorine products for swimmers’ hair and skin. Click here to see our entire product line, or our buyer’s guide.

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Shampoo for swimmers is a staple in every avid swimmer’s bag. These special chlorine-removing shampoos will keep your hair looking (and smelling) great out of the pool. Scroll to the bottom of the post, or click here if you would like to see the shampoo for swimmers.

If you love swimming, and do it so you can keep yourself fit and looking good, then this post is for you. Let’s talk about shampoo for swimmers.

Swimming is an amazing sport for fitness. After dedicating yourself to a regular fitness routine, you notice your stamina soars. You clothes fit better and you probably have many compliments about how you look — but what are you going to do about that swimmers hair?

Chlorine Sticks to You

The thing about chlorine is it’s a great disinfectant. That’s great for the pool, but it’s not so great for your hair.

Did you know that in high concentrations, chlorine can be deadly? Fortunately, swimming pools use chlorine as a disinfectant, not as a weapon. Even at low concentrations, chlorine is still irritating.

Have you experienced these chlorine-related symptoms:

  • Do your eyes turn red?
  • Is your skin itchy and do you smell like chlorine after leaving the pool?
  • And worst of all, does your hair become dry and brittle?

Yes, chlorine is irritating (and even damaging) to your hair and skin. As you swim through the water, chlorine attaches to you, and it’s difficult to get off without the right products. It’s why avid swimmers use special shampoo for swimmers.

Chlorine Causes Swimmers’ Hair

Chlorine is particularly damaging to your hair. Healthy natural hair is slightly acidic. When your hair is in this acidic state, the cuticle (outermost layer of your hair) lie flat. Cuticle are like scales that interlock and hold the moisture in the hair shaft.

But all of that changes when your hair comes in contact with chlorine. Chlorine is alkaline. This causes your hair cuticle to lift. This is why your hair feels rough after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Once your cuticle lift, the chlorine starts stripping the oil from your hair shaft and drys it out.

This vicious cycle: alkaline water lifting your hair cuticle, and the chlorine stripping the oils from your hair shaft is what causes swimmers’ hair. And leaving residual chlorine on your hair after swimming only makes the problem worse.

Shampoo for Swimmers Gets the Chlorine Out, and more …

Goodbye Chlorine makes shampoo formulated by swimmers for swimmers. Our staff of former, elite swimmers know the damaging effects of chlorine and are dedicated to making the best chlorine-removing products.

All of our shampoos are highly effective at removing chlorine. We recommend you use our shampoo for swimmers sparingly and only after swimming. Follow with our conditioner for swimmers. This combination will return oil to your hair shaft and neutralize the pH of your hair causing the hair cuticle to lie flat which in turn will make your hair feel smooth.

Shampoo for Swimmers, 4 brands

We make four different shampoos for swimmers:

  1. ELITE – This shampoo is formulated for elite swimmers who are in the pool more than 5x per week.
  2. Goodbye Chlorine – This shampoo is formulated for fitness fanatics who are in the pool (or hot tub) up to 5x per week.
  3. Protect – This shampoo is formulated for people who want to protect their hair color from chlorine bleach-out either from chlorinated showers or swimming pools.
  4. Swimmer Kids – For kids who are learning to, or who love to swim.