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Shampoo for Swimmers’ Hair: What elite swimmers use.

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You may be swimming 3 or 4 times a week and wondering how elite swimmers who are in the pool 9 to 12 times per week manage all of the chlorine exposure? The typical portrayal of swimmers with slim bodies, wide shoulders and frizzy hair is nearly accurate. It used to be that they had frizzy hair. Now they are able to keep their hair looking healthy because of some innovative products made for them like our shampoo for swimmers’ hair.

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Of course we’d all agree that chlorine is a good thing as long as it’s in the swimming pool making our water safe and clean. The problems with chlorine begin once we get out of the pool.

Have you notice that your swimsuit color fades quickly? Or your skin feels dry after swimming? Or your hair dries out and feels crunchy? These are all positive proof that chlorine exists in the swimming pool. Did you need proof other than the smell of chlorine?

Speaking of smell, you also probably noticed that you smelled like chlorine hours after swimming. This smell is chlorine that has transferred onto your hair and skin. Chlorine forms a tight bond with your body, and is quite difficult to get off without the right products.

You may have tried extra long showers or even washing two or three times, but the chlorine just has a way of sticking around. You may have even thought that chlorine could be the reason that you give up the sport completely.

Don’t fret. It used to be that willpower alone was the only way to beat chlorine, but now there are products that make quick work of it.

Dry crunchy hair (and quick color fading), otherwise known as “swimmers’ hair” is caused by chlorine. The alkaline water makes your hair cuticle lift exposing your hair shaft and causing your hair to feel rough. The chlorine can then attach to your hair shaft which strips the natural oils from your hair causing it to become brittle.

In order to return your hair to the way it was before you were swimming, shampoo for swimmers’ hair needs to do two things:

  1. Remove the chlorine, and
  2. Return you hair to its normal pH.

All of our products remove chlorine. More technically speaking, they reduce the chlorine and then gently wash it away. Our shampoo for swimmers’ hair is made to rebalance the pH of your hair and help it return to it’s natural balance.

If you want to get rid of the damaging effects of chlorine after swimming, it’s important to use swimming-specific products like Goodbye Chlorine.

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